Incubation Centre at Kristu Jayanti College

Being a student in Kristu Jayanti college, I am one of the rare ones who got to use a facility given by the college named the incubation center. The reason I say “rare” is because there are only a handful of students who use it. This is one peculiar aspect of the college; the college provides plenty of opportunities for us students but only the ones who are set to achieve something or has the determination take the effort to utilise these opportunities.

 The resources given by the college aren’t restricted to mere academics alone. For instance, the management needn’t care about the kind of business or other innovative ideas that pop out of the ones who think outside the box. However, the college offers mentoring from experts like Mr. Srini Bhopal, which proved to be of great use to those who makes full use of the incubation center. By this, the student uses all the advice and builts up his/her innovative idea and off they go with their life. Though the college gets little/no benefit from spending all the money for the center and the expert advices, they geniuinly want the students to think outside the box and develop the thought. For a student, it is definitely hard to find a space to carve the idea into reality. This space, along with other facilites, are provided by the college and can be used according to the student’s availability. The frequent visits made by the expert guide them on what more can be done and what else could help the idea to grow.

To actually understand the use of this facility provided, think of what a student with an idea, in his/her head, do in the absense of such a facility. The student wouldn’t know where to start and how to start. Being an ameture, he/she/I wouldn’t have any idea on how to move forward with the idea. Of course the opinion of teachers could be used, but we cant expect them to be free for something which has nothing to do with academics. This is where the importance of an expert advice comes in. Second, one needs an atmosphere and certain other facilities to work on the idea. Renting a work space is financially difficult for a student. Understanding all of these, and undergoing no personal gain, the college happily provides all the facilites for free of cost and hence motivates us students to make use of them.

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