Inspiring Excellence; A Journey through the Minds of Jayantians!

There are no arguments to the fact that College days are best in one’s life. It is the time when we are molded into the concept of a perfect human being who will be soon confronting the challenges of the so called adult life. It is basically the time when we will come out breaking our eggshells all ready to explore and experience our new world. It is then that we realize that life is not as easy as it seems but rather it is one big roller coaster ride from happiness to heart breaks, to maturity sometimes tinted with utter craziness, from tears to exuberance. There is nothing that can be compared to the exhilaration of these happy days of ours. We get more and more fun filled with every single second that passes along with our friends whom we remember to put the tagline of ‘forever’.

But to be frank the fun of these college days will only come true if we are in an atmosphere that wouldn’t choke us down but rather help us unclip our magnificent wings and succor us in reigning the wide sky. Some institutions do have the mission and vision to make this practical and here in Kristu Jayanti College, one couldn’t help but admire the dedication that the institution put forth in the holistic development of students by preparing them a in a dynamic  environment and free atmosphere to nurture their latent talents.

Every single day in our college is an eventful one. We are all busy in some ways yet we all find time for the little pleasures of our life.  Every random student in the college would have some amazing stories or great experiences to share. “Being able to be a part of Kristu Jayanti College is one of my greatest experiences. It feels really incredible to be a part of something so potent and bonafide. It gives me a lot of energy and enthusiasm for future”, says Celine John, a second year B.Com student. The College provides a great opportunity for everyone to excel in their respective areas of interest. Now a days one of the major problems that every student faces is academic pressure, they are forced to learn and only learn their textbooks while all their other talents gets repressed in the process but in Kristu Jayanti College you could feel the energy and vitality that adorns every single face with the satisfaction of being able to follow their dreams. The various classes, clubs, coaching and programs organized by the institution are the small but big steps in helping the students to secure their dreams, build their talents and share it with the world. The photography courses, the college choir and dance teams, the Society of Poets, the Karaoke club is all the part of this.

“Something that I find really exclusive about Kristu Jayanti College is the fact that everyone gets an opportunity here. Nobody is missed out. All of us are given equal chance to excel which many times, many students misses out in their life”, reflected Maggi Monica Wilson, a student from Computer Science Department, enjoying the excitement of her second time in ‘Nrityanjali’, the annual College Dance Concert.  All events and programs whether academic or aesthetic is an added jewel to the crown of glory that the College wears and every student is a part of it.

Another major element that makes the College a second home for everyone is the fact that we have some of the best teachers who have the capability of influencing every student positively. As the famous historian Henry Adams put it “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”. Every activity conducted in the college helps us in building a really good relation with our teachers. They are our guiding lights, which we know would never extinguish until we reach the safer zone. This is the confidence that grows on us every day witnessing the care and patience with which they help us in our difficult times.

Every activity, every event, every program is a new experience in Kristu Jayanti College.  They make us wake up into a new dawn full of excitement and happiness together with the joy of learning. It is indeed a wonderful thing to have a college that would dream along with its students and provide help and understanding whenever they need it.  It is this credence that makes us believe in ourselves and our abilities, evolving in ourselves the potential to be a better citizen for our country and the society at large.

by Merin

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