The Road Back To KJC!

I had just finished my bachelor’s degree from Kristu Jayanti. It seemed as though a world of opportunities awaited, along with difficult decisions on courses. ‘’Do I get a job? or do I pursue a Post Graduation degree? Would a one-year break be a feasible option?” These were the dilemmas that constantly plagued my brain as I attempted to take a few weeks off after a hectic academic year.

After much debate and contemplation, I had finally decided to take up Journalism as my subject of interest. After all, it does appear to be the most viable option for a rebellious 21-year-old with strong communication skills and a passion for writing. Why did I contemplate? Because initially at least, the industry does not pay much. But then again, being bad at another job wouldn’t really fill my pockets either.

So with my mind made up, I decided to nosedive right back into the world of academics, thereby resisting the idea of a one-year break. The next decision to make was where I would go in my pursuit of a Post Graduation degree. I clearly remember a discussion with my Dean on this topic and his advice was simple, either go to Christ or come back to Kristu Jayanti College. Though I did look at quite a few places, these two CMI colleges were the only real contenders in my head.

So I applied to Christ University and surely enough, I cleared my entrance test and was given a date for my personal interview, after which I could secure admission. But there was one thing that put me off – the name of the course was MS Communication, and the syllabus focused more on the technology part of media rather than the artistic skills like writing and editing that I am more inclined towards.

Moreover, I was relishing the opportunity to once again be taught by Kristu Jayanti’s amazing Journalism faculty members, which includes the Dean of Humanities, Prof. Gopakumar AV, Prof. Aby Augustine and Prof. Abraham. And so, I decided to go back to Kristu Jayanti College for another two years, keeping my faith in the college to guide me to a successful career in Journalism and Mass Communication.

In hindsight, I know I’ve made the right decision. There was no other place I could go where I could feel the same degree of comfort as I do here. Perhaps the biggest draw is that my lecturers already know my strengths and weaknesses and they can mould me accordingly. With everything said and done, when I walked through those gates again as a Post Graduate student, I felt as though I had never left. I felt as though I was coming home.

by Anurag Thomson K [ II sem, Journalism and Mass Communication ]

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