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KALAJYOTHI – 2017 Declared Open

‘Kalajyothi’, the intra-collegiate cultural and arts festival of Kristu Jayanti College was inaugurated on July 11, 2017. The multidisciplinary event organized by the Literary and Cultural Association involving various gospel and secular programs  is scheduled to begin on July 17 and concludes on the July 22 of this month. Fr Augustine George, Vice Principal, addressed the gathering and declared Kalajyothi 2017 open. He stated that ‘Kalajyothi’ is a gateway for literary and cultural activities and it is a platform to showcase talents. He also applauded the efforts put forward by staff and students for the success of the promotional program. The promotion was a glimpse of the mega festival and this weeklong fest comprises about 70 different events under the categories Music, Dance, Theatre and Literary that are interesting and edifying as well. They were introduced in the form of dance, mime, mimicry and different other forms of art.

“Kalajyothi is the height of excitation, the involvement of all the departments of the institution make it unique. The active participation of students helps in strengthening and unifying a joyful bond shared by all in the institution”, remarked, Dr Calistus Jude, Staff Coordinator, Literary and Cultural Association (LCA) and Dean, Faculty of Sciences. Ms. Sreevidya, Student Coordinator of LCA, said that she had an amazing experience coordinating the programs of Kalajyothi for it not a mere fest but a celebration. She also wishes to see students over coming frights that deter them from exhibiting their talents and explore themselves to the best of their capabilities.

– Steffy

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