Books over Visuals

A few days ago I attended a workshop on scriptwriting and advertising in my College – Kristu Jayanti College (KJC). The resource person of the workshop mentioned something that got me thinking. The expert mentioned that the present younger generation had altogether stopped reading books, and were keener to learn through visuals in the form of videos or films.

I have always been an avid book reader and I found this little information surprising. Just how can books be equal to visuals? Call be biased, but I would any day choose books over visuals.  Reading a book is like a thousand times better than watching a film. When you read a book, you become more creative and can imagine things. The childlike mind is still alive within you, rather just being a passive observer in case of films or any other visual form of entertainment.

Many films are actually based on books and this in itself can pose a problem. Films are limited in duration but books are not. Books are portable. They can be carried anywhere. But, can a video or a movie running on the screen be carried around? I guess not. Books are so pure they allow you to run your mind’s creativity and explore the scenes on your own. The best example I can give here is the book ‘2 States’ written by Chetan Bhagat. And later, it was adapted into a movie which was directed by Abhishek Vardhan. I had read the book first and then watched the movie, thinking the movie would be same as the book, but, I was disappointed. The movie was cramped into a two hour film. My expectations had a crash landing. Performances of the whole crew were appreciable, but the magic the book spun around was heavenly.  The main prejudice that I felt was I had a fair picture of my concept when I encountered “Krissh”, the male protagonist of the book and movie, which I had framed by reading and putting pieces of puzzle together, but that was scattered when I saw Arjun Kapoor, a really bold and intense actor enact the role of Krissh, who has a different character in real. ‘Krissh’ who is more of an introvert in the book. But when I saw the actual character of Krissh in the movie it was completely different. When this happens the essence of the whole novel is lost. To add to the misfit of characters and the story, the actor you don’t really like plays the lead character of the book which you love. When that happens after a point of time, the love for the book is gradually lost.

The best things I love about books are, it is the cheapest form of entertainment, at least very less compared to the price of a ticket of the theater. Another factor that I love about books is that one can read it whenever he or she wants, at any pace, imagine gradually and enjoy unlike a movie which has to be watched immediately within a given tiny time frame, adding the fact that once the scene is missed you can’t go back  and rewind in a theatre.

I think movies may have good impact, but books are always sublime, any day.

-Divya Sebastian, I MA, Journalism and Mass Communication

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