Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

“Life is not easy.”  Haven’t we heard this statement frequently from people around us? Nobody can deny this fundamental truth of life. But there is something that can help us lead our lives in a better way. Wondering what it is? Just believe in yourself.

I am sure all you Jayantians must have faced obstacles in your life; be it at home or even in our Kristu Jayanti College (KJC) itself, but it is often believed that every problem has a solution which rescues us from difficulties, and delivers us to the kingdom of hope. Our undoubted belief and faith determines our actions, those actions lead to results, if this has to happen, we need to believe.

Life brings around a lot of lessons, in the form of hardships, blessings, sorrows and joy. Whatever life throws at you, be it positive or negative, we should always hold our beliefs close to our hearts. College life is not easy. We are going to face so many different kinds of obstacles. Exams, assignments, peer pressure, anxiety, fights, and so many more to name. People who you thought would stay, might leave, and people you least expected, would come to your rescue. But no matter what the situation is, we should always, always believe in ourselves, never give up on ourselves. The moment you realize that anything and everything is possible, nothing can stop you.  Nothing can give you more happiness when see yourself where once you had only dreamt you would be. It is not going to be easy. Set goals and aims. Strive for it. Work hard.


I won’t to lie to you. You are going to stumble and fall. You will definitely make mistakes. But all that just gets you closer to your goals. And all along the way, you get shaped into the person you need to be in order to achieve those goals. You will have to take some major turns, let go of some things and move forward. Even if it hurts, you have to do what you have to, and believe that everything happens for the best.  If you are the only one, stand out of the crowd and move forward on your own path. The right people will stay. They will guide you and support you. They will always be there for you, and look out for those people because they need to be cherished.

Our lives are just opening  the gates for  the bigger picture out there, and every single success and failure, every obstacle and a path without obstacles, every high and low, it is all going to make us as the strongest people, who are ready to face everything  the world has to offer.

And in the end, Keep your heads high with a big smile, stay humble, stay true, stay you.


– Ashlein Thomas

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