My first encounter with MUN

I always thought of MUN as a boring affair. This year I had the opportunity of taking part in Model United Nations, or simply known as MUN. And let me tell you something. I highly underestimated how much fun it was going to be. When I first gave my name for MUN, I had no idea what it was or how it was going to be. I was basically clueless, and gave my name for the sake of trying something new. And what followed later, were a series of orientations and meetings, which gave us an idea as to how, and what happens in MUN. But still, that was all only theory and I got no practical exposure. I, however, soon turned everything that I had learnt into practicality.


All of us were assigned different countries and I got the beautiful country of Israel. Unfortunately, my country was heavily involved in the agenda of the General Assembly and well, to say the least, I was terrified. But when the day came every delegate was in his/her formal clothes and I had  mixed feelings. I came well prepared. I was so sure that I was going to get a lot of questions. But luckily I managed to dodge it. I actively took part in the session, raising motions, signing resolutions, and all that jazz. And it was everything I thought it wouldn’t be. It was super interesting and I learnt a lot. It got me thinking as to how the actual delegate of the various countries in the UN should be. One had to be up- to-date with what is happening in the world, and very quick and witty too. It is also necessary to be quick to defend one’s country at all costs, and I suddenly felt a deep sense of appreciation towards them.


The session ended on a good note as we were able to sign a resolution, which means that our committee had not failed which is a good thing because nobody wants to fail.  At the valedictory ceremony as they were announcing the names of the best delegates and commendable delegates, I had least expected my name to be called out. and eventually, When they called out my name, I was thrilled. Being a first-time MUNner, and the only person from my department to win this accolade, I was pretty proud of myself. I received appreciation from many, and the day ended on a terrific note. It has thus instilled a thirst for knowledge inside of me, and also a sense to work towards world peace. It was definitely one of the best days in my life.


Hannah Jessica Dawson

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