What is your favourite haunt in KJC?

If you were to ask any of the Jayantians about good times in college, I am certain they would talk about the amazing time they had when they bunked classes to watch a movie or just hang out in the cafeteria to avoid a boring lecture,  and when asked about their favourite hangout place they start naming all these unique place names that can only be found in and around KJC such as the cafeteria, near ATM, under wisdom trees, parking lot and many more. But not everyone’s favourite place include the aforementioned list. Let me introduce you to my favorite place, that is….(drum beat in the background because everyone is wondering which is this place and what is so unique about it. Well…) It is the LIBRARY!!!



I can already imagine the faces of people around me cringing their faces and making sounds to show disapproval. Well people, FYI some people like the ‘bliss of solitude’ they get from library, so deal with it. Yes, the library, where I run to whenever I get a free hour. World of books where I can just be with books, where they talk to me and all I have to do is just listen. I don’t understand why people  say things like: “it is so silent in library that I feel like sleeping”.  I believe library is the loudest silent place where the unheard will be heard if we properly hear. Sometimes my inner deep sleeping soul also is awakened to involve itself in the conversation with the souls of the books. I reflect about myself, about classes and many more in this place. Souls of the books understand me when a tear escapes from my eyes as they try to catch it; smile at me when I share my happy moments with them; give me company when I am abandoned by people and help me finish my project in time. My advice to internet is don’t feel bad. I love you too, but you are too far away. No matter how much time I spend with you, you are not near to me like my books. I know these souls would never abandon me and these souls can only be found in library.



Smriti C

III Sem BA JP Eng (B)


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