When the rains came calling.

It was just another day at college. The Post Graduate Block at Kristu Jayanti College was its usual self quiet and everyone was busy at work. Students were in the classrooms. Either writing with the greatest pace or scrolling down their laptop screens. But the usual day had a visitor who made the day exciting: it was the rain.

Students were eagerly looking out as the clock ticked by, and the bell rang. It was lunch break and it was a perfect time. The clouds opened up to a down pour. The excited students rushed out of their classrooms to the corridors to experience the sight and smell of fresh rain.

It definitely was not a first sight for them, but they were looking forward to get wet. Although it had rained on many other days, that day it was different. This time they were free to enjoy the rain. They stretched out their hands to feel the touch of rain on their fingertips, some went down their memory lane, and some simply stood quiet by the corner, for them it was an absolute visual treat.

The rains set a completely different ambience. The usually hot campus was cool and calm. The dark clouds did not want to leave till the time the students thoroughly cherished every drop of water. The rains had set a different mood for the students.



It does bring in nostalgia, because we have memories etched in our minds, since the time we were kids. As time passes and you grow old, you do not get the urge to jump into the dirty, muddy puddle or make a paper boat to sail through the waveless waters. Gone are those days when we along with our companions sit in a small cornered tea shop and placate our appetite with hot snacks. Long has it been when we felt a cool breeze touch our cheeks. All of these precious moments will always be cherished in our mind.


The bell rang once again and the students were dismayed. It was the time to say goodbye to the happy visitor. Bangalore is a city that offers unexpected reasons for people to be happy, and the students knew that unexpected rains can lend them that happiness, even if it is for a temporary period!!

-Sharlet Peter

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