Medicinal plants have been used virtually in all cultures as a source of medicine. Assurances of the safety, quality, and efficacy of medicinal plants and herbal products have now become the key points in the industrialized and developing countries. The widespread use of herbal remedies and healthcare produces are mentioned and described in the Vedas and also in the Bible.  Medicinal plants have been used since thousands of years to flavour and conserve food; to treat health disorders and to prevent epidemic diseases. The knowledge of their healing properties has been passed on over the centuries within and among human communities. Active compounds produced during the secondary metabolism are usually responsible for the biological properties of plant species used across the globe for various purposes, including for the treatment of infectious diseases. So Kristu Jayanti College knows the importance of these medicinal plants and has more than 76 plants in the campus.  By this Kristu Jayanti College’ visions not only extend towards the regular college activities but also leap over different faces of nature by planting more than 76 medicinal plants.

Our college has Butea monosprema, lobelia nicotianifolia, aloe arborescens, jasminum auriculatum, pepper mint, aerva lanata, asparagus racemosus, tamarix aphylla, costus flavernscens, hedychium flavescens, demodium gangeticum, leea indica, eryngium foetidium, curcuma zeodaria, cryptostegia grandiflora, euphorbia, tuneria ulmifolia, glycyrrhiza glabra, gendarussa vulgaris, vitex trifolia, cissus quadranglaris, commiphora caudate, costus pictus, clitorea ternatea, gymnema sylverstre, hemigraphic colorata, barleria prionitis, rhinacanthus nasutus, vattakaka volubilis, maranta arundinaceae, etc.  The Characteristics of these medicinal plants in Kristu Jayanti campus are that they have SYNERGIC MEDICINE; they neutralize all possible negative effects.  It also acts as a PREVENTIVE MEDICINE; it has been proven that the component in the plants also characterized by their ability, help to prevent the occurrence of some diseases. This will aid to reduce the use of the chemical remedies which are used frequently, when the disease is already present.

Our college also has a plan to plant Moringa trees. These medicinal plants not only heal our health; but, they also purify the air.  No wonder why Kristu Jayanti College is one of the most sought after colleges of Bengaluru; through these developmental methods both on and off campus, our college is creating a sense of awareness among the staff members and students, to know the importance of medicinal plants and herbs. We are fortunate to study in this campus, as the air is cleaner, not polluted due to the greenery’s presence, along with the bio garden where all the medicinal plants and herbs are found.


Subramani S

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