Music has always been an integral part of an individual’s life. It has the power to lift spirits, inspire and is something that is enjoyed unparalleled. It has the ability to transcend barriers of language, ethnicity and other geographical blockades.




Music and song unite people and it gives a sense of belonging, supreme enthusiasm and joy.  This is one of the reasons to have anthems, be it for a state, football club or an institution. It is a way of bringing a multitude of different people together and unite them under a common objective. Or affiliate them to a body much larger than they themselves are.

One such song or anthem, if you must, is the Kristu Jayanti College Anthem. It is an anthem loved by the students and a striking feature of the anthem lies in its ability to get every single person who listens to it, to stop and sing along, even if it is a new student on the college premises hearing it for the first time.

This phenomenon goes beyond the striking melody and its ability to enthuse the listener. The real hidden strength and power of the anthem lies in the lyrics. It is enriched with lustrous metaphors and vivid descriptions.

Unlike most anthems that glorify the institution, this one emphasises on the inseparability and the quest of students in the feat of a better life with a value system that goes beyond just the institution.

“On the bedrock of faith

Integrity our force

Human dignity true

Excellence we strive”

 This is the refrain of the anthem and quite appropriately captures the Core values of the institution. Faith, Integrity, Dignity and Excellence. These are values that are incorporated in the lives of all successful individuals, beyond which institution they come from. Therefore, by highlighting it in the refrain of the college anthem, it works in a capacity where it ingrains itself in the minds of the students.

“Rays of joy and peace

Sprawl our hearts and minds

On we march our goals

As a beacon for the world

With a passion for our growth

And love for human kind

United and strong

In excellence”

 The concluding stanza of the Jayantian Anthem perfectly sums up the holistic atmosphere that the institution aims at providing, which enhances the life of the Jayantians, in and more importantly after walking through the portals of the college.

It brings in a sense of belongingness when the entire college gathers together and makes one feel at home” says Rituza Roy, a final year student of MA English Literature.

“It captures the virtues of the college, and it highlights the motto as well”, says another student, Alan Mathew of first year BA Journalism, English and Computer Science.

“The tune of the song immediately gets the attention of the listener and it is composed very well. This offers a positive attitude towards the college, and this song projects greater spirit and the value it holds is taken seriously by us”, says Naomi John of final year BCA.

This perfectly sums up the attitude that the Jayantians hold towards their cherished anthem.  It encompasses the perfect blend of reverence for the institution and a strong foundation that bind the Jayantians, beyond the realm of this institution.

Nisha Jain


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