Quality at every step is the priority

Kristu Jayanti College is truly a second home to every student. The management makes sure that the students are provided with all facilities for their well-being and social growth in this academic environment.




Every year the number of students enrolled in the different academic spheres keeps on increasing and so does the facilities required for them. Till the last academic year, the college had one parking lot and two cafeterias. With the commencement of the new academic year, the college has brought in a two-tier spacious parking lot in the basement of the admin block. Initiatives to bring in another cafeteria for the easy access for the students in the admin block is also under process.

“The provision of elevators is what I find really helpful. The cafeteria with a variety of food at such subsidized prices especially for students, without ever compromising on the quality is another blessing,” said Tanya Shukla, BBA Aviation Management.

With the college emerging as a top college countrywide, the number of courses offered for the various streams of education has also increased with an increase in the requirement for more classes. As a result, the admin block which is new in the college with currently eight floors have been constructed. Classes have already commenced in the admin block with many of the Undergraduate and Post Graduate classes being shifted to the block.

“I feel really privileged to study in such an institute which truly takes care of the needs of the students without even them having to request for it. In this college with more than seven thousand students, even washrooms are clean and hygiene,” opined Madhuvanthy Shankar, II MA English Literature.

The college also takes proper care about the hygiene facilities for the staff and students by providing them with top-notch facilities in the washrooms. Every floor of each block having washrooms for both boys and girls and also provision for drinking water. The provision of projectors in every classroom is something that has been proven of much help to the students.

Elizabeth George


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